Introduction Pro Ecclesia et Civibus is a foundation for the promotion of new technologies in the Dutch church community.
To reintegrate into the community, those with impaired mobility through advancing years or illness
To provide services that encourage self-help and social integration with the community>
To promulgate Christian values in the family and the community; and by so doing:
To empower the Christian community to face the increasing challenges of economic globalisation
The Means:
By applying the latest interactive and communication technology in combination with proven and secure service centre technology, utilising Internet and other communication networks
By providing a range of interactive network services, including:

Families & Friends
Community Support
Social and Religious Events (live and recorded)
Healthcare in the Home

How? Together with our technology partner, Spectator Video Technolgy, we provide the Total Service Concept
Typical Total Service Concept, the Netherlands
The aim of Spectator’s Total Service Concept is to provide a high quality and proven technology that can bring communities together.
To make available educational, healthcare, security, social and spiritual resources to those in the community considered most in need and at risk